META Arts Fest is back bringing hundreds of music and art lovers together for a 2-day presentation featuring music performances, interviews, and digital visual art showcase on August 12 & 13. You won’t want to miss the three upcoming events. Keep scrolling for a taste.

2023 META Arts Festival Tickets


Meta (meaning ‘after’ or ‘beyond’) is a celebration of art and the creators moving it forward. We are surrounded by new technology and expression that is constantly pushing the limits and allowing artists to showcase themselves in ways we have never seen or heard before. This has resulted in a new world where people are constantly connected, and always seeking what’s ‘new’ with experiences playing a huge role in that. 





“It was a cool mix between a digital art show and an interactive concert! I never heard of many of the performers until I saw them live but can safely call myself a fan now”

– Scotty B, Attendee

“Meta Fest was such a great experience this year not only because I got to headline but because I had
the support of my friends and family. Jesse did a great job with putting together a very energetic lineup
and host for the evening. It really set the tone for myself and the band. I think Meta Fest is a great way
to showcase local GTA talent even though it was located in Brampton”

– Nicole Chambers, Artist

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