Family Feast is an interactive illustration that honours and commemorates my cultural upbringing, made in 2019. Featuring a laser-cut lazy susan with intricate gouache illustrations and delicate paper cut, this piece showcases the power of sharing and preparing meals for your loved ones. The first layer of the artwork showcases the beauty and diversity of foods eaten in my home and many others. As the table rotates, it showcases what is arguably the most important, the people sitting around the table. The multigenerational interactions and relationships around this table are memorable and showcases how food can be a catalyst for meaningful memories.

Meegan Lim is an illustrator and emerging arts facilitator of Chinese-Malaysian descent, based in Brampton and Tkaronto (Toronto, Canada). She is known for her detailed illustrations focusing on food and cultural identity, and the vast stories that exist within those intersections. Her mission is to create art that is inviting in its aesthetic, thoughtful in its research, and illuminating with its subject matter. From her gouache illustrations to her risograph zines, Meegan’s work provides a colourful and lighthearted entrypoint to topics that can be hard to digest. Whether it is through her illustration or community engagement efforts, she strives to nurture community growth and healing through visual arts.